Opendime Bitcoin Kreditstick

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Opendime Bitcoin Kreditstick - Hardware Wallet

Opendime ist ein kleiner Bitcoin Harware Wallet Stick für die Weitergabe

Die kleinste Hardware Wallet für Bitcoins auf dem Markt. Schnell und eifach Geschäfte abwickeln



Betriebssystem The Bitcoin world changes fast but Opendime is built on the fundamental Bitcoin features that haven't changed in five years.
Gewicht This is physical Bitcoin as it was meant to be: just hand it to someone and they've got it. Pass it on multiple times! As simple as a handshake. No miner fees, no confirmation delays.
Grösse The private key is generated inside the device, and is never known to any human, not even you!
Verbindungen Acts like a read-only USB flash drive. Works with any computer, laptop, or phone. A QR Image and Text files inside contain Bitcoin address and helpful information.

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